Every organization deals with heavy amount of call flow from their consumers and clients which helps them in running their business with ease. Gone are the days when every office used to pay bills for their monthly calling and data packs they used in a month. With digitization in broadband services it has gone easier for business owners to pay only for texts, call minutes and data that they have utilized in that particular month.

With up gradation in office phone systems nowadays owners are saving huge money by making their communication with help of high speed internet. These phone systems host various products which offer a well established network while making your call or using internet. It is important to know that what products service your phone system provider is providing you. Listed below are some services that providers offer:

 VoIP: Service providers providing such service offer various plans according to the number of users your business has. Minimum number of users is 5 and maximum is 100 that can share a plan among them. It offers voicemail, digital call forwarding, extension monitoring, and auto attendant’s digital queues, cell phone redirecting and other services as well.

8*8: It is a VoIP based phone system that offers features like three way calling, call forwarding, caller ID, transfers and more. It also offers users and online dashboard from where he can monitor his communications like voice call notifications, call history and making a call through PC. It does not require any PBX hardware of any professional IT staff to maintain and setup. It also provides auto attendants and on hold music.

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Upscale Your Office Communication System